ICC Mexico is delighted to host the 2012 Banking Commission Meeting.

November 12 – 16,  2012

Presidente Intercontinental Hotel
Campos Elíseos No. 218
Col. Polanco Chapultepec
11560, Mexico City

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The global economy has reached a critical inflection point. Five years after the start of the financial crisis, which unleashed an unparalleled period of uncertainty, important challenges are still ahead of us.  In the current context of financial instability and weak global economic activity, one of the priorities for ICC and its Banking Commission is to promote healthy financial systems, inclusive economic growth, sound investment policies, and ethical business practices.

In this context, the ICC Banking Commission gathering in Mexico City from 12 to 15 November 2012,  will convene for the first time in Latin America under the working theme of: “Making Self- Regulation work”.

After an intense period of international debate on the resilience of the financial system  and the need to have the industry comply with more stringent regulations, the ICC Banking Commission meeting will be an opportunity to outline a blueprint for what works and what does not in the current regulatory environment.

Not only do we intend to release new findings from the ICC Trade Register and the new Global Risks 2012 report, which now incorporate both short-term trade finance and medium to long-term export finance, but we also want to take stock of the progress made by the industry in developing its own rules.

Particular attention will be paid to the progress made under the existing and forthcoming ICC Trade finance uniform rules (including UCP, URDG, URF, URBPO), which can all be seen as a model of pragmatic, practical and effective governance for trade finance.

On behalf of the International Chamber of Commerce, we are pleased to invite you to our Banking Commission meeting  and  the ICC Mexico Summit:  New Tools to  enhance Trade Finance, to be held in Mexico City, 12-15 November. We hope that you will be able to join this major event so as to continue providing your much needed support to our projects and benefit from the networking opportunities offered by this unique event taking place in Latin America.

For further information:
Paulina Martínez paulina.martinez@iccwbo.org and Laura Altamirano Lopez: laltamirano@iccmex.org.mx


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